Dozens of lions and tigers killed by a tribal group in Sri Lanka

There were reports of a large leopard being killed in an enclosure near the east coast town of Kandy. Later reports indicated that many other animals were being hunted and killed. The outlet also reported that some of the leopards were being bred in captivity for large, “tagged” breeding programs, which was likely the reason for their premature, violent deaths.

On Thursday, the Sri Lankan government announced that it had acted on information it had received and that officials had captured the lions. DNA testing at Sri Lanka’s Poaching Arrest Tarkarena Animal DNA Laboratory detected a female lion with a stamp of membership in the Sri Lanka leopard conservation program.

It was reported that 28 leopards had been killed in Kandy by members of the local Ambalangoda Tiger Wardens community, who killed a leopard as a suspected member of a tiger group while searching for a suspected tiger and the carcass of another who had been captured and killed. The leopard was said to have been tranquilized and only later its carcass was found. Local media reported that the local Tiger Wardens community had falsely claimed they had received information from trappers of leopards in the area. The government claims to have initiated an investigation into the incident and that a number of persons had been arrested, including the Tamil and Sinhalese Tigers party leader.

A tiger attack on a farmer and a male lion that attacked and killed a two-year-old was reportedly also reported by the Tiger Wardens group. Three individuals were arrested over these incidents, but have since been released.

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