I Know I Am Not Pretty! Debra Acree Shares How She Finds The Love Of Her Life

Dads out there: We want to break this to you, but it’s very hard. The old adage, ‘the way you do things, they’re supposed to stick to you’ still holds true. When one is honest with one’s self, one realizes that almost everyone is equally unattractive — age, sex, your occupation, your income, your job, your ability to balance well — to everyone else. That is our reality. If we are honest with ourselves, it should be very obvious who needs us. It’s not the two or three women on a dating pool. It’s not the unemployed. It’s not even the bachelorette.

The problem with all of this is that almost no one wants to meet their future husband or wife in the pursuit of a normal, basic relationship. Instead, in this “post-millennial” world, we’ve become mindlessly accustomed to the slick, well-planned, beautiful, well-featured, wealthy, half-witted versions of the beautiful, well-featured, wealthy, half-witted versions of ourselves. In other words, our parents, of whom we are not ashamed to say that almost no one is genuinely beautiful or sexually attractive to everyone.

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