Mall-obsessed Iranian immigrant stole $30,000 in Nike and Apple shoes, report says

The Miami Herald Thursday published its much-anticipated account of the arrest of Iranian-born Razin Saule Omarova on charges of stealing $30,000 worth of goods from a Florida mall. Omarova made his first appearance in Miami-Dade court on Wednesday.

According to the Herald, investigators stated Omarova bought the sneakers through the Apple Store at Malls at Coconut Creek and the Victoria’s Secret in Miami Gardens. The Herald also reports Omarova intended to return the merchandise and pay for it, but was not apprehended until he attempted to return the items in Atlanta — where he had previously made orders of electronic products.

In addition to the $30,000 worth of shoes Omarova is accused of stealing from the two Florida shopping centers, Omarova also faces charges for allegedly using a fake credit card at some point last year, the Herald notes. “This isn’t a mere small-time retail theft,” Dave Feltham, an investigator with Miami-Dade County’s now-suspended Retail Fraud Unit, told the newspaper. “This is a major theft.”

Omarova is also wanted by authorities in Virginia. According to police, he has been charged with white collar fraud, forgery, grand larceny, forging a checks and forgery, owing $5,170 to a lender for a credit card.

According to the Herald, Omarova has a history of mental illness, including bipolar disorder.

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