Man who part of group that disrupted Trump’s State of the Union address gets prison time

In a surprising turn of events, a man who was part of a group that caused chaos on the House floor in February has been sentenced to 41 months in prison.

Steve Hodges, 22, was convicted of six felony charges, including carrying an illegal gun. Hodges was present when the group of Capitol Hill protesters shouted down both President Trump and Vice President Pence during an address on the border wall. Hodges was only convicted of a single count, possession of a gun during a violent crime.

He reportedly called the weapon “dangerous.”

Hodges’s sentence, handed down Friday, sends a powerful message to both criminal defendants and Capitol Hill demonstrators alike.

Hodges’s role in the chaos is now mostly forgotten, with his affiliation with the “Q” conspiracy movement largely forgotten, but prosecutors continued to use the sentencing as a plea for leniency from the judge.

Prosecutors alleged that Hodges and about a dozen other people from various factions of the “Q” conspiracy movement — which espouses the supernatural power of the Q or “quiverfull” movement, and is loosely associated with Christian Identity sects — showed up in February with what they believed to be only first amendment political protest.

Instead, prosecutors alleged that they began making threats to members of Congress and shouting at the president and Pence. There was apparently some confusion about what their intentions were at first, but when they were confronted by a Capitol Police officer, they shut down.

Hodges responded to the accusations with the words: “The Q did this.”

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