Meet the application that lets you talk to your dog

Written by By Felicia Sonmez, CNN

If you are the owner of a dog, the idea of having your dog call you sounds fantastic.

But the fact that the device doesn’t actually work has its fans: Anthony Kelton , founder of the phone service Connectible DOG, says the application lets “you have important conversations that need to happen during your dog’s call, without having to leave the dog’s bed.”

The pet parent is already comfortable with the idea of their pet engaging with the world, being able to hear the sounds of the streets outside, recognize packages and people. But is that enough for a conversation?

The head of the firm Kelton, who worked at Yahoo on games and auction sites, says one of the challenges the company faced when coming up with the technology was convincing people that their dog could be a “prodigy of the phone.”

“You know, they’re not really talking to you, they’re talking into a phone. And people are probably like, ‘Ugh, not another one of those idiot phone applications.’”

You will hear (not communicate)

Nonetheless, Kelton says the company found that often the dog can better understand some aspects of conversation than humans can.

So he’s developed the application based on the idea that dogs have an incredible ability to “understand the essence of language” and construct sentences from what they hear. So far the applications have also been tested in a controlled setting.

By capturing video of your dog on its phone, and the recipient’s phone, you can activate one’s phone’s sound alarm, and see what video clips are playing.

Another notable feature, says Kelton, is the ability to share any dog-speak recorded.

“So this way, somebody who’s not connected to your phone can call you back right at the touch of a button,” he says.

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