Princess Charlene leaves her high-profile position in the wake of divorce

Since marrying Monaco’s prince in 2011, Princess Charlene of Monaco has been a regular fixture on the principality’s social and political scene. But now, after less than two years of marriage to a man 20 years her senior, the Spanish-born princess is following in the footsteps of her earlier sisters-in-law, Caroline and Stephanie, by effectively retreating from her public role, by stepping out of the public eye. The New York Times reports that the princess no longer appears at official functions or entertainers at fashion shows in her official capacity and has not been seen as a wife for months now. The move is described as unusual, according to some Monaco insiders, although it is unclear whether it stems from any specific problems, or simply from living a quiet life in a stately castle with a giant golf course. In 2012, when Crown Prince Albert was hospitalized with a life-threatening case of pneumonia, Princess Charlene took it upon herself to step in, at the young age of 36, to keep the Monégasque throne from falling to Prince Albert’s eldest son, Rainier III. “She, like Caroline and Stephanie, was a regular byron, doing whatever duty was required,” said a resident of the city. “She was usually the one on the carpet. It was not her style. I have had my feelings hurt several times. She was not especially sociable, but it got really bad after the Academy Awards.”

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