Radio Free Europe: Greece To Examine Themirals Of Helping Migrants Enter The Country Illegally

Radio Free Europe reports that Greece will be going after 5 aid workers who have come under fire for providing medical and psychological assistance to migrants entering the country illegally and there are suggestions that the 5 were smuggled into Greece.

Katharina Nenkel, of the Hungarian Refugee Council, says that those accused included a Syrian who had been trained at her agency, and a Lebanese family.

Aid workers were also caught collaborating with Greeks who helped smuggling people into the country.

The 5 have denied the allegations.

Meanwhile, in a related story Amnesty International has called for an investigation into mass graves that have been uncovered during the current civil war in Syria.

Michael Brun, Amnesty International’s Senior Researcher for Crisis Response said “Some reports suggest that the graves may hold the remains of people, killed for refusing to join the so-called Islamic State. Others indicate that the graves are the final resting place of men executed in villages that fell to ISIS in 2014 and early 2015, after they were suspected of being collaborators with the Syrian government.”

Based on the number of reported graves, Amnesty has called for an investigation to determine the number of people who have died during the war in Syria, and any war crimes committed.

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