Secluded Thai beach made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio movie to reopen after long tourist break

Tourists famous for knocking into each other there due to safety concerns will soon be able to return.

Secluded Thai beach made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio movie to reopen after long tourist break

The closed beach at Koh Rin that was featured in the film The Beach has been reopened to the public.

The Riri Rani beach in southern Thailand made famous by the Leonardo DiCaprio film was closed after a spate of suicides there last year, when tourists visiting the beach began knocking into each other to avoid surfers in an effort to attract attention.

The suspension came at the height of a busy surfing season in Thailand as visitors flock to the country to surf, and was ordered by the country’s tourism authorities.

Police in early 2017 responded to a number of suicide attempts by installing a wire fence at the beach known as Kili, and warning visitors to walk slowly along the beach without looking at the surf. However, fears that the crackdown on visitors would have had an effect on the surf remain.

Sea surfers at the beach before the temporary closure. Photograph: Rex/Shutterstock

“I am pleased to announce that the Riri Rani Beach in Koh Rini will reopen to tourists on 30 April,” the region’s governor, Prittha Mikaew, wrote on Facebook. “I call on all friends and visitors to Riri Rani and all Koh Rini to cherish their time there, to share with each other, and enjoy life, together.”

Records on tourist data website show that the number of visitors to the Riri Rani from January to April fell by more than 3% over the previous year, according to figures published on 8 April.

Low tourism numbers in Thailand last year, following the flooding in August 2016, led to the addition of slots for flying rights to a number of European cities, including Barcelona, Guadalajara and a flight from Nice to Guadalajara.

Mikaew made the announcement of the reopening of the beach while giving a speech in a Kili restaurant in the tourist resort town of Koh Rini.

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