Active Ageing

Pro-senior organizations, active aging and volunteering offers

Senior Citizens' Organisations, active ageing and volunteering offers

Active ageing is one way by which our elderly residents can remain a confident part of society and enable inter-generational integration and solidarity.

We believe it desirable to make our city accessible to our elderly residents and integrate them into cultural, social, sports or other civic activities. We want to support our residents in their efforts to remain active, even at an advanced age.

Who are the activities designed for?

The activities are designed for older residents of the city; however, they are often of an inter-generational nature and seniors can bring their children or grandchildren with them to the events. You can find more information on the webpages of the individual organisations.

How much does participation in the activities cost?

Residents are usually able to participate in the events and activities for free.

What grants are available for pro-senior organisations?

The city of Bratislava funds a grant programme in the social field of Bratislava for all ↗︎, which can be used by pro-senior organisations to apply for grants to cover their operating costs or costs of their development activities and provide their services to our residents free of charge.