Shipping containers catch fire off Canada’s coast

Image copyright Google Image caption Fire broke out on the vessel in the Canadian province of British Columbia

Ten containers, some of them empty, have caught fire on board a shipping container ship off the British Columbia coast, authorities say.

The fire broke out shortly after the Marshall Islands-flagged, Ville de Congo, docked at the Port of Vancouver.

Ten people were evacuated to the ships bridge as the fire developed, and the firefighting aircraft arrived later.

A live webcam on the BBC shows the incident unfolding.

“At this point we are in wait and see mode,” the ship’s owner told the Vancouver Sun.

The Canadian Coast Guard, which received a call at 20:47 GMT on Saturday, said the crew tried to put out the blaze themselves before getting help.

The Guardian, which broadcast footage from the bridge, said one crew member on the port side could be seen leaping into the water as the ship hightailed it across the harbour.

Vessels are normally kept away from this type of vessel due to safety concerns.

The Canadian Coast Guard said it was not aware of any injuries.

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