Singapore Airlines Boarding Passengers With Flu Reiterates Travelers Should Get Vaccinated

Singapore Airlines will implement a completely vaccinated crew for its flights to and from the United States, the airline announced Friday.

The move comes in response to the flu virus H1N1 that has been sweeping the United States, claiming six lives and sickening hundreds. “If staff or passengers become unwell while onboard, this immunization is very important,” Chief Operating Officer Ng Yong Kang said in a statement.

Singapore Airlines will become the first major airline to implement a fully vaccinated crew for U.S. flights, according to the Guardian. The airline will begin tracking and tracking down passengers who have not been vaccinated, noting a distinctive message on its in-flight announcements and no flights for non-vaccinated passengers.

Singapore Airlines will also get the United Nations High Commissioner for World Health’s endorsement to start vaccinations and compensation if they need to cancel flights in response to influenza.

“This is a decision that the cabin crew and management have taken on their own initiative,” wrote Ng. “We appreciate the H1N1 virus is still at its peak and we hope that passengers and crew can stay away from overcrowded places in this time of stress and confusion.”

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