This man has re-discovered the suspect 40 years after his pregnant girlfriend was killed

Clayton Burnham has re-discovered last known suspect in the cold case of his pregnant, pregnant 19-year-old pregnant girlfriend who was killed 40 years ago. Pam Eastwood, 20, was reported missing on March 17, 1977. Her mother, Mildred Eastwood, called police to say she was worried.

Courtesy Chandler Police Department

But the news got worse when she went to search for her daughter at her home the next day, and found her brother-in-law – an 18-year-old Air Force recruit named Clayton Burnham — locked in the family’s closet, disheveled, with blood all over him. “I knew immediately he was not in his right mind,” said the elder Eastwood. “I just knew.”

A neighbor eventually found Pam’s dead body, wrapped in a white cloth on the ceiling of her room. She had been stabbed two times in the neck and had a pool of blood under her nose. She was six months pregnant. “I just want justice,” said Woodburn. “I don’t even want it to be a crime. I just want my mother’s voice, for her to say, ‘I deserve something.’ It’s shameful what’s happening here, and nobody is doing anything.”

We’ve covered the history of this story here. “We’ve been fighting to bring justice to my mother for 40 years,” said Burnham. “I thought the way the whole thing went down after she was killed, she was eventually going to see her daughter get killed one day. I was wrong. I was wrong.”

Since the passing of federal Prison Rape Elimination Act, evidence and evidence available today shows there’s solid grounds to charge this individual with Pam’s murder, regardless of whether DNA evidence is available. “I think justice has been done,” said Burnham. “When she was murdered, [the suspect] was treated as a suspect. It was like he was the biggest kid in the world.”

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