Tory in trouble for Facebook post

For the past two years, Tim Hudak, the mayor of the 2,200-person town of Barrie, Ontario, has requested his workers use the social media-inspired phrase “CONSTANTLY IN TOUCH.” On Thursday night, he once again jumped on the “always online” bandwagon, but his latest musings touched off a flurry of interest among people who don’t work for him.

At 9:48 p.m. ET on Thursday, Hudak went on a strange rant on Facebook asking the woman in question, “When was your last menstruation?,” adding, “was your Ex-Spouse using a Cougar approach? Does your Kids think you are on 4-4-90 like they all seem to assume?”

People took to social media in droves to post their thoughts on Hudak’s post, questioning whether his wife, Jana, had mentioned that his personal Facebook page was set to private. He clarified to the “speculation” about his private page that he had not changed his settings.

Hudak explained to CTV News, “You know, having so many people comment under a photo I posted before, I was just hoping to get a little more feedback to make my point.”

The comments on Hudak’s post lit up the internet, with many calling it “alarmingly invasive.”

Coverage on the entire ordeal is sure to keep coming; Hudak has received dozens of supportive comments and more than 8,000 negative ones.

There are a few notable, interesting thoughts that come to mind, and we’ve decided to pick out a few of the more notable ones.

The first concerns Hudak’s post’s references to his family’s: “Ahh, how could I forget; my daughter @5’9”, “my infant grandson @8”, “my two kids @7”.

On the “cougar approach,” one man suggested that the “old girls-to-young boys” thing is “highly inappropriate.”

“You mean you didn’t talk to your significant other [after the] recent mishap – CHECKHURR,” said another.

Some people called for Hudak to walk away from his political office. Others complained about his behavior. But all of the criticism pale in comparison to the different opinions by women.

“Do you really want men being paranoid like this about trusting women in authority?” asked a woman in a comment to Hudak’s post.

Hudak’s response to the public’s interest in his private Facebook posts was as short as “it wasn’t so important. It was more important that we keep [our] communication [at] home.”

Source: CTV News

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