Tourists are having sex in the dunes, according to locals

Hundreds of locals complain about beach at Cap de Fonseca in Granada state – part of the Granada Sea, the fourth-most popular swimming spot in the EU after Barcelona, Benidorm and Santander

Tourists are having sex in the dunes of one of Spain’s most beautiful beaches. Some 200 locals, including high school teachers, complained to regional and national authorities about the content of a mobile phone video showing men having sex in the dunes, according to El País. The video was filmed by a passing jogger who reported the incident to a member of staff at the Granada sea reserve, a 6,585 square kilometre park that is part of the Torre del Rio system of reserves that covers four quarters of Granada state.

Some of the beaches in the reserve, one of which is popular with tourists in the Granada province, are protected as off-limits to swimming, and in the case of the Cap de Fonseca beach, there are signs telling visitors that it is “not a swimming zone”. But the entire beach, which is some 1.4km long, is accessible from the neighbouring car park.

People from all walks of life have claimed that these signs have been misinterpreted and do not mean that tourists are not allowed to go to the beach.

On the contrary, said a local woman, who asked not to be named: “The signs are phrased in a diplomatic way and there are clear distances for tourists to swim if they want to do so.” She added that if there were a lack of signs at the beach, that would be down to local management.

Tourists not aware of the official signs, such as an 80 metre shark enclosure off the beach at Casa de la Opera or a walkway around a small lagoon at the entrance to the reserve, may think the beach is as accessible as anywhere else.

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