Adele new music: Why people are surprised by its ‘anti-Ladysmith Boys Choir’ lyrics

Written by Staff Writer

John Ferber, CNN

When Adele debuted the stunning “To Be Loved” at Sunday’s Grammys, viewers were left stunned. The 24-year-old singer’s powerful performance of her new single — which features the previously unreleased lyrics “Whole world is falling apart, if they don’t all fall into bed together” — ruffled feathers among the masses and set social media abuzz.

Veteran record producer George Ian Boxill made headlines for his praise, saying the lyrics “had an amazing impact — it came across beautifully.”

Despite Boxill’s comment, many artists and fans have been left disappointed by the lyrics. And now the situation has turned a tad more melodramatic.

“I feel like it’s the anti-Ladysmith Boys Choir: ‘It’s the world we live in now but everyone’s falling in love.’ It’s very, very kind of …” said Willis Carpenter, author of “Under the Shadow: Prince in His Own Words” (Icon Press) and a poet.

A host of celebrities have taken to social media to criticize the lyrics as they pertain to the problems currently haunting society.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best comments.

Whether you agree or disagree with Adele’s lyric interpretation, we couldn’t help but think it’d be rather morbid if she’s not LOVED.

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