Biden to fight Republicans’ efforts to block vaccination bill

Written by by Brittany Bradley, Special to CNN

A federal judge on Wednesday rejected Ohio’s attempt to temporarily block his wife’s efforts to rally support for a bipartisan congressional bill that would reduce the cost of vaccinations for unvaccinated children in state.

Judge Gregory Frost sided with Amy Biden, wife of former Vice President Joe Biden, who initiated the “Act Now to Stop the Spread of Infectious Diseases Act” in July.

Since President Donald Trump took office, some states have become more lenient on vaccinations, opening the door for outbreaks of diseases such as measles and pertussis, or whooping cough.

On Wednesday, the US Department of Justice filed a motion to block the legislation, which is expected to move forward at the first of the year, according to Amy Biden’s lawyer, David Kramer.

“This is a sign that not only does the Department of Justice recognize that there is a medical crisis in states where those children are out there, but they recognize that they are targeting the wrong victims,” said Kramer, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

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