Cancun floods turned a real tourist paradise into a shitpost

Do you think you can handle Cancun to Venice at the same time? The happy answer is yes, as some unlucky people are finding out this summer.

What used to be an adventure in the sand of a Central Italian resort town turned into a nightmare in September 2017 after some of Cancun’s fatal attractions collided with locals’ most important destinations. The inundation of Cancun, which threatened the lives of travelers as well as waterlogged San Lorenzo di Reggio Calabria’s landmark beaches in southern Italy, led to a decision by authorities to plan an evacuation and evacuation of the area. A controversial process in which emergency boats were deployed to guests who had chosen to stay close to the water, helped some tourists, but caused real problems for those who chose to return home.

One by one, the resorts were filled with emergency boats — and the central coast was turned into a true sea filled with untrained beachgoers. Worst affected by the unplanned return of the Mediterranean sea were those too far from land to be evacuated by boat — tourists spent their holiday with families who had already returned to their own properties, having experienced coastal flooding earlier in the day.

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Fourteen million tons of sand are now needed to recover from the damage, and the land to make a new space for public resorts. Solios, a series of eight-and-a-half hectares, which used to attract six million visitors annually, has now been submerged. If you can’t wait for more rain, you can still visit the area by going to Reggio Calabria’s beach. But there you’ll find nothing more than the sand you moved when you left, which is badly eroded by excess force of the sea and floating debris.

Photos of San Lorenzo di Reggio Calabria due to sea rise. Credit:

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