China and Sri Lanka announce ban on international travel ban lifted

After a successful visit to China, Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena announced in Beijing on Friday that he was lifting bans on international travel between both countries.

As part of his visit, Mr. Sirisena met with Chinese President Xi Jinping and had an extended conversation about the recent order to close his country’s border with India, a move the Indian foreign ministry says was “not helpful” to bilateral relations. Mr. Sirisena is also reported to have rejected an offer of an Indian submarine, saying such aircraft weren’t needed to shore up Sri Lanka’s Navy.

India and China have long been intertwined in their economic ties, with Beijing recently providing huge loans to strengthen Sri Lanka’s infrastructure and infrastructure development.

India has also frequently voiced its opposition to China’s mass construction projects in Sri Lanka, in its effort to safeguard the island’s cultural heritage. Earlier this month, following a series of protests and high-profile events, reports surfaced that a Chinese-built railway station was blocking Nepal’s only river. Concerns are also growing in India about the possibility of Chinese maritime incursions in the Indian Ocean.

Read the full story at The Straits Times.


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