China ‘puzzled’ by Olympic question sent to missing tennis player’s father

One day after tennis legend and chairman of the United States Tennis Association, Katrina Adams, speculated that missing China’s first female tennis star Zhang Shuai was kidnapped by North Korea, Zhang’s father denied having any knowledge of her disappearance.

Zhang, 21, was last seen in Shanghai on July 25 and her father, Chen Chongwei, said he doesn’t know where she is. He said he knows nothing about the email he received from Adams on August 16, but it “raises more questions.”

“If someone has the courage to send such an email to my daughters’ manager that never has any need to call me, then only raises my concerns,” Chen Chongwei said. “Even if the email is related to my missing daughter’s case, I think that is a development which should not be detected by the loved ones.”

On Friday, Adams wrote to the China Daily, Zhang’s father: “I am troubled that the situation of the most promising female tennis player in the China market may still not be known. I think Chinese and world public attention should not just stop with a still ambiguous message.”

On Saturday, Zhang’s manager, Zhang Jinbo, said the email is from Adams, but Chen insisted that it is not.

“We would certainly welcome attention from the Chinese media and the world public for her case, but I don’t want us to just disappear. That is why we have been sharing her story with all media outlets,” Chen told Reuters.

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