CocV: world news in brief – World Health Organisation day

Today was World Health Organisation day in response to a lack of public awareness of the coronavirus (CocV) – a coronavirus related to the “SARS” infection.

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Throughout this World Health Organization day, we’ve been tracking the world’s top news stories from the last 24 hours.


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CocV is a coronavirus related to the “SARS” infection.

In a viral hit, James Bond films recently sent movie theatre goers heading to see the new James Bond movie after it was posted online.

Read all about it here.

After an ‘execution’ caught on tape of a man executed by the president’s intelligence agency, there’s uproar.

One government official says the action was “disgusting” but many Nigerians are divided about the act.

The BBC’s Joshua Rey: the following comments are open to a set of very strict conditions: we do not indicate the identity of any of the people quoted, although we do try and get a viewpoint.

Norway has warned its citizens to be vigilant after an outbreak of a new strain of bird flu infection.

And the BBC’s Georgina Stone: widespread public hysteria in Manchester over claims the murder victim had eaten a five-year-old child following a row.

The 30-year-old woman was killed by her fiance in the city’s Hale area after a row.

Now a man has been charged with her murder and fresh questions about safety at schools in the area.

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