Country Star Morgan Wallen On Being The Target Of Racism: “Not Worth Ruining A Career Over Something Stupid”

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Country music star Morgan Wallen says he is ready to get back on the road after being taunted in an airport last week for racism.

FOX’s Dan Springer reports in this “FOX Country”:

They are not only going back to Las Vegas to play the ACM, but also to Carlsbad in southern California for the second annual Jingle Ball concert:

(Wallen) “I’m feeling good, traveling well. Great energy, great people so looking forward to the show.”

Wallen was racially abused in January on an international flight for mixing up the subjects of Jennifer Hudson and Chris Brown. Wallen says the incident is not worth it but he decided to perform at Jingle Ball in southern California:

(Wallen) “It’s not worth ruining a career over something stupid.”

The festival is live-streaming on Facebook, and you can see Morgan Wallen taking the stage on January 31st.

(Wallen) “I hope everyone gets to see it.”

Morgan Wallen’s song “Up Down” from his debut album went platinum.

Dan Springer, FOX News.

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