Death row inmate Julius Jones set for lethal injection next week

Julius Jones is facing death by lethal injection next week for the 1987 shooting of six people in West Virginia. If condemned, the 63-year-old probably won’t see the inside of a prison cell again.

Jones’ sentence for a single killer would still be longer than any other given in West Virginia in 20 years, according to Joseph Hardy, author of Death Row in West Virginia.

Over the course of his 28-year career on death row, Jones has argued dozens of appeals. They’ve all been denied.

Now he’s fighting for clemency. The rare clemency review in West Virginia is accepting applications until Monday, September 3.

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In his clemency request, Jones’ lawyers say his life would be “tragically diminished” if his sentence of death is carried out.

A clemency hearing is scheduled for Monday, September 10. It will be televised on WJNT, as well as available on and the newswires.

Jones tells us he expects many of his supporters will gather outside the prison where his execution will take place.

He says he will not read his letter to the governor, but plans to leave a note.

“I will write a goodbye note to all of my family and all of my friends,” he says. “It will be as an honorable goodbye, but also in case anything ever happen I would leave the note.”

Jones adds he hopes to hear back from Governor Jim Justice on the day of his execution, but knows he’ll likely be dead by then.

“Since I know it is going to be not only the day of the execution, but the day after the execution, that it’s going to probably be the day after he actually speaks to me, which I anticipate will be the day after the day, that I will be deceased,” Jones says.

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