Drew Carey on Bill Maher, Trump and the ‘toxic’ Democratic Party

Dee Dee Myers, White House Press Secretary, First Lady Hillary Clinton and Bill Maher

These folks have been targeted in the news lately. Deplorable; racist; uneducated; Trump supporters.

Worse than that, they’re racists — casual, right-wing bigots — instead of the conscientious, equality-driven people we have come to expect from Democratic Party leaders.

Myers told Maher she expects (and hopes) that former President Barack Obama will someday run for President again, but that “he has a little better chance of winning in Mount Rushmore” than in the Democratic primary.

The first lady called Trump a “disaster,” adding that her husband “is smarter than him.”

The comedian attacks the current crop of Democratic leaders, saying they’ve taken the party in a “toxic” direction and focused on fire and brimstone rather than “real policies that will bring people together.”

They have no “common sense” about anything.

Maher also criticized former Vice President Joe Biden for saying in 2016 that the Democratic Party had moved to the “far left.” “So this guy thinks the Democratic Party has gone left?” Maher asked. “Then why did he run against Hillary Clinton? Is it because she’s such a phony?”

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