Foods high in iron could boost your sex drive

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When it comes to deciding whether you’re low in libido, there are often a number of factors at play.

However, no two libidos are the same, which makes it hard to know exactly what you should be looking out for.

Are you suffering from incontinence? The stress of an afternoon meeting? Or are you just hungover? All of those things could have an effect.

But are there certain foods that might have a positive effect on your sex drive?

Our panel of experts has an answer to that one.

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The four-month sexuality e-fit e-guide from UKProspects may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But there are certainly plenty of foods and drinks for men and women to consider as you start finding yourself low in the bedroom.

We spoke to experts from VAGLA, Healthysex and the pro-safe sex organisation Pure Romance to find out which items might be in your diet that could boost libido or help you enjoy the bedroom more.

“Some foods can facilitate the mood, others can suppress it, so it’s a balance,” says VAGLA dietician Sophia Morton.

Nutritional laboratory testing using chemicals and batteries have shown that many foods and drinks can affect your libido.

Those can include breakfast cereal, yogurt, certain drinks, coffee, sugars and biscuits.

So, if you’re on a low-in-libido diet, there are some options that may be able to help you out.

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“Different foods help different aspects of your life. For example, breakfast cereal or fruit helps you feel fuller for longer,” says Pure Romance dietician Carolyn Turner.

“You could go down the same route, however, and work on making your breakfast smoothies with banana, almonds, strawberries, blueberries, tangerines, strawberries and yoghurt.”

It is also possible to reduce your libido (and your appetite) by increasing the amount of sexual activity you are involved in, taking the chill pill, and exercising more.

Jane McHugh, editor of website MarriedwithAlasdair, says, “There’s a plethora of foods that can affect our sexual levels, but we shouldn’t let lack of intimacy distract us from the healthy things you can do in your relationship.”

She suggests physical activity could be the first step in helping improve your sex life.

“Mindfully and intentionally eating for you and making you feel good about yourself does nothing but boost your sex drive.

“You should also use the science-backed recipes provided in our four-month sexuality e-fit guide to not only enjoy food, but also get physical.”

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