Grapevine: Bannon’s financial disclosures have some interesting implications

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Still Peddling

There has been no legal action against former White House adviser Steve Bannon since he was ousted from his role as head of Breitbart News and departed the administration a year ago.

But, that does not mean the tax returns made public by Breitbart Thursday are worthless. The Old Dominion University Center for Tax & Budget Policy argues “many of Steve Bannon’s financial disclosures had implications for his tax returns that were not fully made known at the time he became President. Even before these disclosures, Bannon’s financial disclosures indicated a wide range of tax liabilities.”

Trolls, Taxes, Even More Taxes

We have told you about cyber attacks targeting the Electoral College.

Now, Cybersecurity firm Recorded Future is warning the presidential electors running for office this year that both the Republican and Democratic parties could leak their top priorities for the Electoral College.

The goals: Creating a swing state office for themselves and, if needed, undermining security of the Electoral College. Recorded Future warned the two parties are so focused on the 2016 election the potential damage to the election is so great that the incentives are so high that they will feel compelled to engage in some fairly nefarious activities to accomplish their goals.

Punk Rock Merch

If there’s anything you can learn from music, it’s that you can find unique pieces at thrift stores and flea markets.

But, a Republican congressional staffer got a lesson in federal property and one dollar back on his spotlessly clean Virginia patio Sunday.

The staffer posted a picture of the “Op Rock Taxidermy Ornament,” that was found in his yard in the past year and not on display anywhere. The item of wood and plastic was marked “Sorry I was scammed” and “Antique Taxidermy.”

The staffer is calling it a “reverse Monopoly token.”

Novel Way to Make a Point

A Canadian newspaper columnist has come up with a novel way to make a point about Canada’s border policies.

Editor Marie-Eve Nolin wrote in the Halifax Chronicle Herald that as foreign students head to Canada to be with a cancer-stricken student, they then want to know how Canada protects itself against smuggling in contraband goods.

She writes: “As they stand at a checkpoint, the cancer patient’s mother beams at them, ‘Go ahead, get your hands dirty. They’re trying to come in to help us.’ Canadian officials understand that but they really don’t care.”

–Fox News Channel’s Lanna Britt contributed to this report.

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