Identity request: Help Facing Asylum with finding the right immigration attorney

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where in the world can I travel to right now?

Do you need help finding an immigration attorney? Do you want to find a well-regarded lawyer? Have you been waiting awhile for a green card? Are you moving from one country to another and need help navigating the complicated immigration process?

Are you worried about overstaying your temporary visa? Want a one-stop shop for getting immigration answers? Do you need more information about the diversity visa lottery and Immigrant Investor Visa programs?

[Some information in this FAQ is borrowed from the State Department’s website.]

Why would someone like me need a green card?

Immigration is complicated because it takes years to process immigrants’ applications and visas. This complexity helps officials and attorneys and other witnesses learn the nuances of immigration law, as well as how changes in federal or state immigration laws affect individual cases.

A green card entitles a person to permanently live in the United States and permits him or her to work, financially support dependents, study, and travel freely.

Can you get a green card easily?

Green cards are allocated through a lottery system administered by the U.S. Department of State. The number of available visas changes every year, and people sometimes want to apply for multiple lottery awards, because the odds of winning vary from lottery to lottery.

What types of green cards are available?

A temporary work visa, like a H-1B, is typically reserved for people with jobs or plans to have a job or plans to immigrate to the United States, including children, young people or spouses and children. A work visa is considered a temporary or temporary-type status, like a student or tourist visa.

There is also a green card option called an EB-1 or EB-2 visa, which allow a person to immigrate with a few conditions. There are also government-issued green cards made available to U.S. citizens who are temporarily away from the United States from countries associated with terror, disease or human trafficking.

How do I get a green card?

Travel outside the United States is required if you want to obtain a green card. To learn more about ways to get a green card, please see:

How long can I wait for a green card?

There are several factors involved in getting a green card, but especially depends on who you are, what your job is, where you are, your previous immigration status, when you entered the country, and any criminal history. Any of these issues can affect your ability to get a green card.

Where can I find an immigration attorney?

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