Indy Ski Pass: the most flexible way to ski

While it can be fun to find the perfect activities for an active lifestyle, there’s no getting around the fact that most of us can’t break the bank – which is why choosing to buy a season pass is often a good option. That said, the prices can definitely put some off from taking the plunge.

Indy Ski Pass costs between $89 – $59 each and is targeted at non-season ticket holders who live in eight US markets, and is currently available in mountain resorts in Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah, Washington and British Columbia.

The Pass provides access to one or two ski mountain resorts each season, and can be combined with other passes at the lower levels, depending on whether you want only access to one mountain, or access to all seven.

And it’s not your grandma’s Lifetime Membership either, which has been popular for the last 10 years or so, making $100 per year, which isn’t out of line in the ski industry (assuming you’re going to use the pass).

The Indiana arm of privately-owned International Mountain Co. offers discounts to people who live in Indiana, while the range of annual ski passes available in Idaho is as follows:

Lifetime Membership: $75

Star Savers: $43

12/Season Pass: $98

14/Season Pass: $110

24/Season Pass: $125

Students and senior citizens (65+) are admitted to free skiing and snowboarding for any season (mild or wet weather excluded). Children under 4 are admitted to skiing for free with a paying adult.

The Pass is a flexible pass, which you can buy annually or through intervals that range from three to seven years – it also comes with a default waiting period that lets you switch back to the full season pass after your first season without any additional cost. So that means you can typically extend your pass to a year from your last purchase.

So how does it work?

It takes the form of a permanent membership card that provides unlimited skiing and snowboarding at one or two participating US resort (you can spread it out as much as you want). The price of the card varies by resort – last year, its prices ranged from $89 to $59.

Besides being able to use your pass to access all seven season passes and engage in all sorts of other activities associated with skiing and snowboarding, you also get access to lift passes, lodging, destination events, discounts on rentals and gear, special season end events, free shuttles to resorts, discounts on access to ski areas in New York City, events, rentals, gear, and more.

So if you do travel at least some of the time for business or pleasure, or if you have the ability to get away from the US, this is a great deal. And, well, who wants to go skiing and snowboarding when you can go anywhere in the world and use it for that purpose?

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