Ivanka Trump: Stop calling me a professional mother

Laura Ingraham has addressed the “You can call this professional mom if you like” Twitter protest currently sweeping the internet.

People have started a hashtag in an attempt to teach the Ivanka Trump advocate a lesson – we hope they’re getting the message.

An alt-right commentator was speaking on US radio station WABC when a question was asked about the practice of professional moms attending a meeting with US First Lady Melania Trump.

Why on earth would you put your a** at that meeting?

It’s pretty clear the massive #YouCantCallMe #YouCantCallMyChild professionally #YouCantCallMeElite YouCantCallMyChildElite if you think that makes me an elite professional mother.

US radio

‘Irony alive’

It began after former US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton retweeted an image of Ivanka Trump appearing to offer a hand to Ivanka Trump on his arrival at the UN General Assembly in September 2017.

Viewed by some as a sign of the First Daughter’s influence in the White House, it has since spread like wildfire across social media.

Image copyright AFP Image caption Ivanka Trump walks with her father US President Donald Trump at the United Nations General Assembly in New York

Any adults are calling Ivanka Trump “professional mother”

As a university graduate, Heidi Cullinan, from South Carolina, responded:

I’m a professional teacher so that’s the question. I just see a cute dad and a non-polite kid and want to help! I see a mom showing her kid what work looks like.

Others seemingly shut up the conversation.


The social media campaign was sparked by a video posted to Ivanka Trump’s Instagram account last year

The so-called super-pro-Trump message included props like gas canisters, a homemade top and a cockroach

Image copyright Ivanka Trump Image caption Ivanka Trump with her sister Tiffany

The video was removed from social media soon after but not before people quickly noted the faux pas on Twitter.

Last month, Ivanka Trump went to her father’s election-night victory party – wearing an apparent olive green power suit.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Ivanka Trump takes part in the election results broadcast to cheering crowds

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Ivanka Trump smiles with Donald Trump

Prime Minister Theresa May was also seen to give Prime Minister Theresa May – only giving Prime Minister Theresa May a joking hug after the speech

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Theresa May was also seen to give Prime Minister Theresa May a joking hug

News US journalist Wendy Ruderman says the hashtag started because some people “are hoping the hashtag will show them that if they were ever in a professional position they would never place their child in that kind of position”.

First baby people

Twitter says the hashtag was tweeted hundreds of thousands of times in the first day it was up and states that by Thursday 10 April, it was near 150,000 tweets.

The #YouCantCallMeDad hashtag is typically reserved for dads who attend a reception.

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