Napolitano: Identity Theft, Gift Cards ‘Cheating’ Duo Desecrated Luxury Goods for Charitable Reasons

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On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the FBI said a man and a woman convicted of high-end illegal credit card and gift card embezzlement are on the run.

In the past, investigators have tied the pair to the misuse of $6 million in fraudulent gift cards from 2006 to 2011.

Speaking to Neil Cavuto on “Your World,” Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano explained that the couple reportedly swindled “super-high end items” from multiple hotels, luxury shopping venues and restaurants, using the donations to provide charitable gifts.

Napolitano said that the couple used “cheap” and “cheating” methods, gaining access to bank accounts through human error.

“And they stole high-end gifts from their victims,” he said.

Napolitano said they reportedly provided $400,000 worth of medical services to victims of Hurricane Katrina and $200,000 to victims of natural disasters.

However, the couple allegedly overbilled at least nine hospitals for more than $36 million in services, including $22 million of unauthorized payments made at Mayo Clinic.

The man allegedly used about $5 million of the money to pay off his personal debts and $3 million to purchase an $800,000, 450-foot yacht for his wife.

In addition, the couple’s daughter — who was living under a false name — was accused of creating approximately 20 fraudulent credit accounts and fraudulently using several hundred thousand dollars in additional donations, gifts and cash.

Napolitano said there is a system in place for people to donate that is “functionally sound,” but noted the manipulation of the system.

“Even if everybody was careful and honest, there’s still going to be the devious among us. And the institutions are probably not going to be perfect. And that’s how criminals get away with stuff,” he said.

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