‘Never’ Senator Kamala Harris misused by the Obama administration, she claims

After a deeply-flawed rollout of the Rebuild America’s Infrastructure Act, if Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao insists on so boldly featuring Senators Kirsten Gillibrand, Chris Van Hollen and Bernie Sanders in the “Promote a No-Or-Low-Cost Transportation Infrastructure Act of 2017” video, it doesn’t bode well for the product.

At the very least, shouldn’t she keep these elected officials off the official YouTube channel?

Speaking at a conference on Thursday, Senator Elizabeth Warren had some words for the Trump administration’s policy moves and expressed her frustration, saying: “I’m not sure that taking away health insurance, cutting taxes for billionaires at the top and helping giant corporations hide their taxes makes the United States any safer.”

Senator Kamala Harris was more diplomatic, and happy to finally leave the Barack Obama administration, when she admitted: “I’m not the first senator or representative that’s came into the administration and realized, actually, this is not what we signed up for when we came in.”

Nonetheless, she laughed off the question when asked if she feel misused by the Biden administration, saying: “No, I don’t.”

What do you think? Is Harris right to feel let down by the Obama administration? Or is she just sour grapes? Sound off in the comments below!

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