NFL round-up: Tom Brady and the Patriots defeat the Chiefs

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Here is a roundup of updates on the Monday Night Football games, including the Atlanta Falcons versus the New York Giants:

NFL: Atlanta Falcons 26-10 New York Giants – live updates Read more

NFL: Lions in playoff hunt as Thanksgiving feast runs wild – live updates

NFL: Rams score 49 points – live updates

League: Vikings strike to ruin Packers attempt at comeback – live updates

NFL: Packers still are where they’re wanted – live updates

Social media and around the web

NBC Sports: Giants on the ropes

Vikings with everything but the win – Davis, Fletcher

Take home win in last home game of the season – Broman, Airey

NFL: Eli Manning’s nightmare must continue, say the Giants

NFL: Eli Manning had a miserable night against the Saints – Macari, Nilssen

NFL: Vikings still are where they’re wanted – Jason, Illinois

NFL: But wait, isn’t the bye the reason for extended bye weeks? – Ice, Seattle

NFL: Did Cowboys not fall on their sword in Cleveland? – Perrine, Tampa Bay

NFL: New York Giants fall to Cowboys, Cowboys rally for win – Rodger, Lewandin

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