NYC Students Show Support for Climate Change Bills

Dozens of young people who care about climate change took to the steps of City Hall on Monday in support of four bills that would introduce changes to the city’s land use process and report information on carbon emissions to help bring about the future we want.

“Making the planet healthy is a right, not a privilege,” said one of the organizers of the event, Corinne Noble, a 15-year-old high school student from the Lower East Side. “If our planet is to be here for our children and our children’s children, they must support us with strong political power. I have zero confidence that our government leaders will act in a sustainable way. My faith has been strengthened by my fellow activists and environmental defenders to remain vocal in demanding change, supporting the passage of these bills in City Council.”

The bill aimed at beginning the process of changing the city’s zoning to be more environmentally-friendly, known as LEED-NYC, would change the current process to one of limiting the size of buildings and encourage a mix of housing and nature in the city. The four bills would also require the inclusion of carbon reductions in city budget discussions and would attempt to create a carbon tax.

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