Ontario minister dismissed resident request to meet over pathologist

Parents and residents of Ontario who have pleaded with Health Minister Christine Elliott to intervene to protect their children from top pathologist Dr. Christopher Shaw, said she still hasn’t met with them to hear their concerns.

Elliott faced public outcry in January after learning that Shaw’s private pathology practice, the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board, found that he was operating outside of Ontario’s medical regulatory framework by publishing several medical malpractice cases online. The decision sparked significant concern in a community concerned over its children’s safety.

Elliott has said that she has not received a complete report on Shaw’s activities, which were the focus of the appeal board’s ruling.

On Wednesday, local residents speaking at a forum at Queen’s Park urged Elliott to tackle the issue after her department received a lengthy letter from them.

“I want you to check with the ministry to see what is being done so the trustees at the appeals board are not acting any more like a puppet-master,” said Ben Stoddart, a local resident who was impacted by Shaw’s practices.

In a statement released Thursday, the Health Ministry said it “has been meeting with many interested parties involved in this issue over the past several weeks” and will “continue to ensure that the system is working properly.”

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