Police officer faces possible criminal charges for calling judge ‘insane’

A New York City police officer has been suspended and is facing possible criminal charges after apparently referring to a judge who released a man on bail after he attacked another officer as “insane”.

Ed Mullins, president of the police union, told the New York Post on Friday that in a letter of retaliation, he said that the judge, Carolyn Clancy, was “dying of insanity” for releasing a man who killed a police officer when he attacked another one last December.

Mullins told the Post: “You know there’s no such thing as retaliation for retaliation.”

Mullins said the NYPD “will find out” what happened.

Police say Brian Almonte was high on heroin when he bashed three officers over the head with his father’s gun and then grabbed a tree branch and began swinging it at them on 12 December. Officer Michael Levay died and another officer was injured.

The 52-year-old man was charged with killing Levay and wounding the other officer, but released on $250,000 bail. Court records show Almonte was sentenced on 2 April to a year in prison for attacking the first officer, Jerome Boden, and must pay restitution of $4,050.

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