Potential NBA stars at @Josiah_J__ have some great tweets

Who would have thought someone like Josiah Johnson would be this promising in the NBA?

It’s a story any sports fan should know. Having been a certified stand up comic for years, the then 14-year-old Josiah Johnson went from small town to NBA star within a year. Johnson’s career took off with the Cleveland Cavaliers when the 2016 draft started to approach. The 11th selection saw the hype surrounding his live show, and wouldn’t let the special treatment go to his head.

“If you’re good enough, they’ll say that and shove you in the corner,” Johnson said. “I wanted to put all the cameras on my performance. That gave my stand up the spotlight. And that’s when I moved to an NBA stage.”

In fact, the public got such a taste of him, Johnson had to be tracked down, and had been sitting nearby tweeting him to let him know he was doing well. Even the sports pundits began praising him as they became more familiar with his performance on the floor.

The wins started rolling in, but when Magic Johnson was asked about the veteran team, Johnson was surprised.

“I’m on a seven-game winning streak and Magic Johnson starts talking about my play? That doesn’t happen,” he laughed.

The number of laughs and appreciations for his career on Twitter can be in the double digits. They range from humorous from Johnson himself to professional praise.

Josiah Johnson finally had a “Tweet I Have To” his website last Friday, and having already garnered a large following for his handle, Twitter, now is a platform for people to show him love. Here are some of the best


That’s one heck of a drop block to the layup line


Did you just need three wides for the only shot you needed?



You’re not running your own show right now … you could start getting looks if you had your act together.


Yeah he’s 14 years old you’re being punked bruh


Very funny dude!

Chris Dahmas:

If that’s how many years I have in this business I’d be worried

David Samuels:

Love this kid!


Damn I had a thing for him a couple years ago just a little hangin in the games.

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