Saudi government tried to lure high-profile woman to country by offering her millions in bribes: report

Abdelah Almalki, the daughter of a former Saudi official who was arrested last week in Istanbul, said on Thursday that Saudi Arabia had attempted to lure her into the country by offering her a job on an oil project. The alleged attempt to lure Abdulla Almalki, who is senior manager at the state-owned Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi), was reported by Reza Baluchi, one of the news website Sobhaz’s reporters, who was arrested by Turkish authorities last week, and who had previously reported that Turkish police had raided the woman’s apartment and seized a cache of weapons there. The Saudi government has denied trying to lure Almalki, but Turkish officials are continuing to make claims that they have uncovered a plot by the Saudi government. The family of Almalki, who is now back in Riyadh, said that the deal to bring her into the country — which reportedly included an offer of a $20 million bribe for her to travel to Riyadh — was in response to video footage of the daughter at a news conference in Turkey. The man in the video, Khalid al-Khalidi, shared $2 million in compensation from Saudi Arabia, saying he had been promised the payout by Abdulrahman al-Malki, his father.

Abdulrahman Altwaijri, the Saudi ambassador to the United States, reportedly defended his country’s actions to President Trump, saying that the kingdom had conducted multiple operations to arrest Al-Khalidi. Mr. Trump said he found the allegations to be “very, very serious,” suggesting that Saudi Arabia might face consequences. On Thursday, New York Times correspondent Steven Lee Myers reported that Elia’s story was based partly on “deeply sourced and corroborated reporting” obtained by independent journalist Julia Ioffe. The State Department, the Department of Justice, and the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security are investigating the allegations.

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