Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar Calls for Border Wall Czar to Be Replaced

Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar announced on Monday he wants the country’s current “border czar” replaced as President Donald Trump puts his plan to build a border wall front and center in the early stages of his presidency.

“The border czar should be somebody who’s a geographer, who has a PhD, who can know the terrain,” Mr. Cuellar said in an interview with the Houston Chronicle.

“I’m trying to find somebody that can explain the border to us, that can explain the politics and the research that we need,” he added.

Mr. Cuellar is among a group of northeastern Texas Democrats, including Congressman Lloyd Doggett, who say the White House is rushing to fulfill the campaign promise made by President Trump — to begin building the much-delayed border wall.

At a press conference on Monday, President Trump said he would declare a national emergency to make a purchase of additional land along the southwest border to cover any potential legal hurdles.

Asked by The New York Times, Ms. Doggett said: “I hope we don’t have an emergency declaration tomorrow.”

He suggested that the current border situation is so dire that the president may need to force the situation.

“Somebody who’s saying ‘There is no emergency right now,’ whether or not he is saying it in writing,” said Ms. Doggett, according to the newspaper. “I hope that is not the situation.”

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