The real man who lived on a mega yacht is back and unveils a luxurious space for business and pleasure

Time to send out the invites for the after-cruise—Maradona World Cup Table Tennis Center will be playable.

Glenn McGrath may be dead, but the re-opening of the Restricted Area as an expanded, larger, fancier lounge area has been given its first public tour. It’s no coincidence that McGrath, an Australian cricket bowler and a well-known restaurateur in Melbourne, is responsible for opening the bar—H2O Bar is obviously the name of the venue—which now encompasses the rest of the luxury getaway, including the super yacht-inspired sports lounge. “It’s about bringing the sky into the reception area and really enhancing the sense of arrival,” McGrath tells the Sydney Morning Herald. The 350-foot yacht boasts 3,760 square feet of outdoor deck space that’s so large you could potentially lift the sails and go to the Ball, or oil and water, just by walking off the enormous red sail. Inside, the rooms feature brick and stone walls, concealed recording studios, two or three-masted cigar humidors, and cabanas with plush red rattan furniture.

The giant yacht was worth $600 million to construct, with much of that funding coming from $250 million worth of debt. That said, it actually cost closer to $190 million—arriving at the conclusion that the detail-oriented McGrath does things by the books, and saving “$65 million” is probably the prudent way to spend an extra $70 million. Perhaps McGrath’s expert hand really was indeed required to purchase.

The yacht’s features span the gamut from the luxurious to the unusual. A caviar bar is located on board, a modern backgammon table dangles from the ceiling, and a mahogany bar is dressed in linen and has tanned leather shelving. McGrath also oversaw the installation of a $1 million gym complete with 13 treadmills, a foosball table (along with three pool tables), yoga gear, and a yoga room. Wasp body treatments also cost extra and are available on board.

In early 2018, McGrath changed his name to the moniker “Glenn McGrath” at auction, after having been a successful businessman since the age of 14. He continued that success, having purchased the Melbourne Strikers (now Melbourne Rebels) in 1998, and becoming the first South African-born, Australian captain in Twenty20 cricket. He played internationally until 2012 when he retired from international cricket. In 2016, he was named the Water’s Edge Sportsperson of the Year.

Among McGrath’s many accomplishments, he is known for becoming the highest-ranked cricketer to have been ranked No. 1 in the world at any time. Along the way, he also captained his country to the 1999 World Cup win.

You can check out all of the glitz and glamour of the world’s biggest yacht in full in the video below.

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