These 12 spots will be the most popular locations for travelers in 2022, Lonely Planet’s top picks predicted

( ― Lonely Planet’s annual world travel prediction list has been released with a list of places you won’t have to fly more than 10,000 miles to visit in 2022.

As part of the annual selection, the travel guide is highlighting destinations that promise to thrive in the years to come, including Vietnam, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.

The Asia Pacific region was the most sought-after destination according to readers’ feedback, with 11 destinations among Lonely Planet’s top 20, including Vietnam, New Zealand, China and Indonesia.

“The Pacific region offers a wealth of diversity and has the biggest range of quiet, beautiful, hungry, protected, stilted, floating, often buzzing, exuberant and chaotic experiences,” the top 20 list states.

Canada topped the United States in popularity among readers, scoring higher in terms of hotel guest ratings, while national parks made a strong showing, scoring among the most popular destinations to visit.

The United Arab Emirates scored among the top spots to visit by both Middle Eastern visitors and global travelers. The 10-day city hopping weekend adventure, “Flight to Mars,” has scored among the top five attractions to see as well as overall favorite destination.

“The hotel scores are off the scale — from the best-in-class properties to the secret hideaways, tourists are flocking in their droves,” the top 20 list states.

No less than nine of the top 10 countries picked as on the continent for 2018 are considered among the best places to visit. Although it may come as no surprise to some that Norway and Norway are two of the most popular European destinations.

“The best reasons to visit Norway include the setting of one of Richard Wagner’s most beautiful operas — the musical equivalent of Greece’s Phidias myth — and the immeasurable sheer size of one of its national parks,” the top 20 list states.

Europe is also set to become the place to visit in 2022, with Slovenia and Iceland making their debuts on the list.

“The land of Norse myth and classical rocknroll is also quickly making a name for itself as a fantastic destination for hiking through canyons, to gorse-trouncing glacial lakes and down more than 900 trails,” the top 20 list states.

And although the list claims to predict what travelers will want to see, be seen in and do in the next five years, it’s the most popular destinations that drive much of the activity, and Lonely Planet wants to up your game if you want to snag a spot.

The 2018 destination with the most recommended travelers to visit is the Amalfi Coast, tied with the Inca Trail in Peru.

“The best of each year is then rounded out with a few of the more notable from 2018 making it on the list,” the top 20 list states.

Before making the selection, Lonely Planet’s editors heavily evaluated submissions from their thousands of contributors in order to find the ones that they believed would be among the best. This year’s winners were then judged by independent experts, experts from the press and writers themselves.

The other top 10 destinations in the Asia Pacific region are:

Auckland, New Zealand

Bangkok, Thailand

Marrakech, Morocco

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nairobi, Kenya


Hanoi, Vietnam

Shanghai, China

Tokyo, Japan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“Thank you again for voting. The most worthwhile destinations we’ve seen in 2018 will be seeing more travelers in 2019,” Lonely Planet said.

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