WATCH: Makeup lessons for Thomas & Edwina on ‘Spencer’ – Duchess of Cambridge Edition

If you thought the film about Princess Diana’s death must be too soon, then Pablo Larrain’s Spencer – about Thomas Robert Spencer and his involvement in her infamous car crash in Paris in 1997 – should put your concerns to rest. It has been eight years since Tate’s death, and the intervening period has proved to be a dangerous one for the world’s royal family, with Prince Charles and Kate Middleton forced to endure the infamous “Rumpus Room issue,” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announcing their engagement on the same day their cousin Harry was named at the British Olympic Games, and Princess Eugenie announcing her engagement to Jack Brooksbank shortly after.

Watch the video below for Larrain’s perspective on the state of world dynasties in the present day. And, when you’re done with that, watch the clip above to hear Neve Campbell and Matthew Goode’s interpretation of Spencer and his wife Edwina explaining the rumpus room incident – and the subsequent press coverage of it.

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