Yoko Kanno: “Hey Cockroaches!” (MSM Retros)

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Yoko Kanno is the composer of the untitled 7-minute score for the new Spike Lee-directed “Cowboy Bebop.”

The short film by Lee features several indie-rock artists like Bia and Regine Chassagne of Arcade Fire singing on two different tracks and this short film is designed to be a “tethered soundtrack” of the later animated feature “Goosebumps” followed by the accompanying jazz score for Spike Lee’s “Goosebumps: The Elm Street Legacy.”

A “heavily improvised” 22-piece jazz orchestra including Mariachi violinist Tiana Dela Cruz took six months to compose the score for “Cowboy Bebop.”

Like the game and the show? Like this work?

Here’s part of the soundtrack.

“Hey Cockroaches! Good luck hunting down that cockroach!”

-Cowboy Bebop Music

Listen to the “Yoko Kanno Quintet: A Cockroach’s Tale” from this month’s Stellar Rising podcast.

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