Non-residential premises in Bratislava for rent

The city owns and manages more than 200 premises across the city. Some of these can be rented, some already have their tenants and others are still pending repairs to find their tenants at some future date. To avoid chaos, the Real Estate Management Section has inaugurated a passportisation scheme for all the premises and, in association with colleagues from the Data and Spatial Analysis Department and the Innovation Department, has created a clear map, which includes a description of each urban space, with indicative rental price, floor area and other information. The price, area and space purpose filters can be added in order to simplify your search.


  • For rent

    The rental of these premises is currently subject to a commercial tender. Do not hesitate to apply! Click on the description of the premises to see photos, floor plan and more information. If you are interested in the space or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us; you can always find the contact details present in the description of the property.

  • Vacant

    While these spaces are vacant, they are usually not yet prepared for a new tenant. Therefore, they are not in the current "for rent" offer. However, should there be a demand for them, the city can respond with flexibility and, after due consideration, prioritise their preparation for a future commercial tender. If you are interested in the space, please email us at [email protected]. All additional information will be added to these premises in due course.

  • Occupied

    These premises are currently occupied and, therefore, not available at the moment. For each such space we also indicate the period of its current rental.

  • Not available

    These spaces cannot currently be rented, as they are not suitable for use due to their unsatisfactory technical condition, ongoing reconstruction or other reasons.

Participation is essential

In some cases, the purpose can be readily inferred from the layout of the premises, but this is not always necessarily the case. Our aim is to ensure that the use of the space best reflects and meets the needs of the people in the surrounding area. Those making enquiries know, for example, what precisely those needs and ideas are. This is what the participation process is all about, where we briefly discuss with the Urban Studies and Participation Department of the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava what people from the surrounding area would and would not like to see in this place.