who is angie bellemare?

Angie Bellemare is an Ottawa, Canada born architecture grad turned content creator and entrepreneur. She is the author of How to Build a Content Machine, the creator of the Content Machine Academy, founder of the Uproar Fit Gym, the Daily Grind Planner and Donuts, Dumbbells and Dreams lifestyle brand. Angie grew in popularity through her YouTube videos where she shares her personality and an eclectic mix of passions and talents.

the journey to today

Angie’s entrepreneurial endeavors started when she was 18 years old. Her now husband (then boyfriend) Andre & her started importing fashion accessories and selling them locally. This eventually blossomed into a full-on fashion brand which saw through 8 successful seasons before Angie’s passion shifted to health & wellness and serving people in their pursuit to live a healthier, happier life. Angie aligned with BODi and advocated for programs like Insanity by Shaun T, and P90X by Tony Horton. Her purpose fueled her passion, and as a result, Angie quickly became among the most productive partners in the BODi network. Through BODi, Angie identified with a new passion: helping (mainly) women live a life by their own design. She built a team of BODi partners called “Team Uproar” and, to this day, creates resources to help her teammates find success as a wellness partner in the BODi network.

Looking ahead

With this new found passion came new challenges and goals, which ultimately leads us to where she is today. Angie is devoted to creating content that inspires and motivates, while engaging in business endeavors that help people identify with their true passions, and pursue the goals that will lead them to living a life by their design; at once happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

The Daily Grind by Angie BellemareThe Daily Grind by Angie Bellemare

How the daily grind came to life

The Daily Grind Planner is Angie’s brainchild. It is a culmination of years of creating a system that has worked for her in staying focused on the goals that mattered most. The idea stemmed from a selfish desire to save time by not having to draw out the bullet journal layout everyday. Now, the Daily Grind Planner has become a reliable format for goal setting, action planning, vision creation, and is used by thousands all across the globe.