how it all started

To provide a little background, the Daily Grind brand was created by content creator turned entrepreneur Angie Bellemare. For years, Angie has run a YouTube channel where the goal is to help her audience dream big and live a life by their own design. The Daily Grind brand is truly an extension to that purpose. The goal is to create resources that will truly help people eliminate the overwhelm of daily life, and make room to focus on their own dreams & aspirations.

the daily grind today

The Daily Grind Planner has been introduced as the first resource to serve that initiative. Coined as “the first planner you’ll use from cover to cover,” the strategy is simple, but has proven to be VERY effective: gain clarity on the goals that matter to you, find time during the day to focus on them, and be consistent in your pursuit of accomplishing those goals. Everyday, the user will decipher their “fluff” tasks from the needle moving tasks and track their habits to provide a little accountability, and regular gut-checks. If you feel your time is being spent focusing on serving other people’s goals, or worse, you are not clear on where your time is going, then the Daily Grind Planner was created with YOU in mind.

Our promise

As a company, we have a vision of creating a community of people who lean on the resources we create to help them live their happiest, most fulfilled life possible. We promise that every line extension, every new resource we introduce to our audience will be worth the investment and will contribute to your life in a positive way. If that isn’t true for you, we promise you your money back