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The Daily Grind Planner

My Dream Life Blueprint Workbook

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✔️10 chapters worth of action-based content
✔️Guidance to create a morning and evening routine that works for your goals & values
✔️Support in overcoming negative thoughts & frustrations
✔️Clarity on your personality type, and what will work for YOU specifically
✔️Activities to help figure out what drives and motivates you
✔️Tips & tricks for you to stop letting fear and procrastination slow you down
✔️Unlock exactly what YOU want in life
✔️Design the Blueprint to your DREAM life

Gain clarity on what you REALLY want in life, and set goals that matter to you with the ‘My Dream Life Blueprint’ workbook.

The Dream Life Blueprint is the most comprehensive workbook for a hands-on approach to goal setting, and game planning. It forces you to look at your goals from every angle to establish the characteristics of YOUR dream life!

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My Dream Life Blueprint Workbook
My Dream Life Blueprint Workbook
My Dream Life Blueprint Workbook
My Dream Life Blueprint Workbook
My Dream Life Blueprint Workbook
My Dream Life Blueprint Workbook
My Dream Life Blueprint Workbook
My Dream Life Blueprint Workbook
My Dream Life Blueprint Workbook

The Daily Grind Workbook

  • Artist-Style Top Bound

    9" x 12" for flatlay goal setting

  • 10 Value Driven Chapters

    You're not just learning, you're executing

  • Large, Just Like Your Goals

    Time to make YOU the priority

  • 200 Custom Designed Pages

    To create your game plan & change your life

  • Tons of Extra Blank Pages

    To write down all your takeaways

  • Make Time-Bound Commitments

    Set & crush the goals that matter to YOU

Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Design YOUR dream life!

The 'My Dream Life Blueprint' is not only a tool for you to gain clarity on what you truly want, it also takes you through numerous activities to ensure the goals you are setting are YOUR goals, and not those planted by a well-meaning loved one.

On top of that, you’ll be provided tips and tricks on how to make sure you create healthy boundaries, so that you can stay focused in the pursuit of your dream life!

10 chapters of thoughtful guidance

It's our wish that you’ll do something for yourself and get the Dream Life Blueprint workbook, lay it out on your desk or coffee table, have a beverage of some sort, and enjoy the process of learning about what makes you tick, setting goals that make you feel genuinely excited, and creating a game plan that will make sure you take daily steps towards your dream life.


The best workbook I have ever used!
This workbook gave me so much perspective on my life and areas that need improvement as well as areas I'm thriving in. I literally can't say enough good things about it, and would suggest it to anyone.


Direction and Clarity for my Life

This workbook does more than simply help you…this workbook changes you! I’ve always had a sense of who I was but now I understand who I am and what I need to do to better myself and my life for the good of my family. The tremendous process that Angie walks you through guides you in the best possible way while still giving you a good kick every now and then to be honest with yourself and transparent with yourself. Nothing has helped me more than this workbook!!


You will want to finish this workbook!

I normally am too self conscious to write reviews that I know others will read but this workbook definitely deserves all the positive reviews. Other workbooks have always been too intimidating but with the My Dream Life Blueprint Workbook, I couldn’t put it down and I found myself flying through it.


I can see my dreams becoming reality now!

This is exactly what I didn't realize I needed. I want a different lifestyle. But even as much as I've followed Angie I still always felt like the life I wanted was not available to me; that was for other people. If I had to pick one thing to highlight it would be the memoir. I hate writing and I didn't want to do it. But once I started, I filled both pages in no time. The rest of that day, and honestly ever since, I could actually see that life as a real possibility for me. It's an amazing feeling and one I desperately needed.


Changed my life! Forever grateful

I have been watching Angie for years and she has changed my life for me through the worst time of my life and now thanks to the planner I’m 10kg down and about to buy a house and half way through my dream degree xxoxoxoxoo!



How is the Dream Life Blueprint different from the Daily Grind Planner?

The Daily Grind Planner & the Dream Life Blueprint Workbook have a completely different purpose. While the planner’s intent is to identify your goals, and track them daily; the workbook is about learning what you truly want out of life, creating a grand vision for yourself, and setting goals as well as giving you the tools to chase those goals daily. The Daily Grind Planner is a daily habit, while the Blueprint is a project you’ll want to take on anytime you’re feeling as though your life needs a bit of direction.

What makes the Dream Life Blueprint different from other workbooks?

We feel the Dream Life Blueprint is the perfect balance of supportive content, guided exercises, and clear instruction. Many workbooks can feel more like planners, journals, or be downright confusing. Ours is intended to truly help you with self-discovery, personal growth, and goal setting in a way that is thoughtful, thorough and clear. By the end of this workbook, you should have greater clarity on your life’s vision, and what is going to motivate you in your pursuit of seeing it through.

Why is the Dream Life Workbook laid out like an artist pad?

The founder & author, Angie Bellemare, models all of the resources from the Daily Grind brand on how she herself works. In this instance, the workbook was a process Angie took herself through years ago, and she did so on an artist pad. Having an oversized pad spread out across her coffee table, surrounded by her pens, markers and extra work pads created a sense of immersion and allowed her to give the tasks the undivided attention they deserved. In going through the Dream Life Blueprint Workbook, you’ll experience a similar sense of immersion that will allow you to eliminate distractions and focus on the importance of the questions & answers you’ll be faced with in the workbook.

How will the Dream Life Blueprint help me?

The Dream Life Blueprint consists of 10 chapters where you will be guided through the following topics:
- Where you are currently in your life (what are you happy with, and less-happy with).
- What personality profile do you best identify with?
- What do you value (What fills your cup & can make a higher priority in your life)?
- What do you really want to accomplish in your life?
- What are the main motivators that will help get you there?
- What risks draining your energy along the way (setting boundaries and how to say “no”)?
- How can you reset from an “off-day” to avoid down time in the pursuit of your goals?
- Identifying where your time may be being wasted, and implementing time hacks to help.
- What needs to change for you to accomplish your goals?
- Create a game plan to design and pursue your dream life!

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