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Love it!

Did my challenge part and now I’m ready to start tracking for October! So simple so far!

Clip-in Planner cover: Spooky Fort

I’m in love with the full Halloween collection, it gets me so excited each morning to open my planner and get started. What’s great about this cover is we feel directly involved with its creation as we saw it unfold in the half way to Halloween segment. Spooky vibes all the way #obsessed!

The spooky cover.

The spooky binder cover is my favorite. It's been a wonderful addition to my daily grind collection.

Sticker bundle

Great quality

Don’t Hesitate!

This is a great planner for getting your goals done!
It breaks down your goals into into more manageable (and motivating) steps.
I’ve used planners for many years and have never come across one that makes your goals attainable!

Tab Dividers Fall Edition

Love it!!!

This planner inspires me to dream!!!

Not only is my pumpkin planner gorgeous and fun to thumb through, it serves a bigger purpose in helping to document my dreams and break them down into small, trackable steps that I'm working on daily to make my dreams come true!! it really is a life-changing tool!

I’m doing it!!

I just want to say that I’m a huge fan!! The DG planner has really getting my goals achieved. My spooky cover is so perfect! It’s perfect compliment to my living table. ☺️☺️

Best planner I’ve ever had 💜

This is my 2nd DG planner which I’ve used on a daily basis for 4 months. At first the clip ins were a little tricky but once I got them all in, they’re actually so cool! They keep everything in place but make it easy to move stuff around. I love the cover art and Halloween theme, makes me excited for the day and sets the tone for a new season 🎃

Love it

Again, just love it

How I love thy Spooky Fort Planner

Fabulous and not so scary Spooky Fort planner cover. I love decorating for Halloween and this just added to my Not so Spooky Halloween Vibe. On one or your blogs, we watched you create the not so spooky fort, what fun :)
Thanks Angie and Team

Tab Dividers

The tab dividers in the Spooky Collection are very cute and I do love them. The only thing that I will say is that they were a little harder to get in the book as when i put them in it bent a little and made it harder to turn the page. The tabs earlier were easier to turn in the books. That's the only issue I have and it not a huge deal just thought I would share my thoughts!

My Dream Life Blueprint

Didn’t know I needed this nor how helpful it would be. Great insights as to who I really am, what is important to me and what goals I want to achieve. I think everyone should do this exercise at least once a year to see where they started and how they’ve changed. Great tool to have in your self-development journey. I HIGHLY recommend!!!!


I’ve been a fan of the DG planner since before the recent improvements and loved it then. It really says a lot that Angie listens to the feedback from her follows! The improvements to the overall design are incredible! Zero downsides from me, and this years Halloween/Fall collection is gorgeous!!

Love this planner!

It’s hard for me to stay organized, life is chaotic, but this planner makes it easy. Absolutely love these covers! Thanks Angie!

Dual Tip Pastel Highlighter Set
Christopher Kennedy
Best markers !

Love my new markers from daily grind Andre and Angie you should both be proud producing such quality products !

Clip-in for the win!

I’ve always wanted to try this planner but the clip-in system pushed me over the edge! I love being able to change the covers and inserts!

Real kudos to the team

Daily Grind Team! Phenomenal job with the quality of your products: durability, details, art, finish, packaging. It is clear you poured your hearts into this. Thank you!

Very sturdy

Such a cute find! Loved all the designs and the fact they are interchangeable

Not so Scary Collection

Omg you guys outdid yourselves with this collection!! I’m sooooo happy I was able to get the entire collection. Super lucky! Can’t wait for Christmas ! 🫶🏼

Look no further

In my decades of using planners from every brand this is hands down the best planner and last but not least planner COMMUNITY I have ever been a part of. This is not just a planner: this is a group of positive, likeminded, funliving ambitious people putting their heads and hearts together in a way I have NEVER seen online. I have had many real life results since I staryed using this system: financial, addicion, health, professional...all aspects of my life has improved immensely because I have a leg to stand on now: a group of people to support me and a planner where I can keep my things out on paper instead of floating in my brain! Recommend to ANYONE.

So elegant

Thanks so much for a great quality product!

Reinforcements Please

Love my tabbed dividers, however I move a few of them daily. Meaning that they are moved through my book as my journey progresses. I do wish the side that attaches to the discs was reinforced a bit as the paper has gotten worn out from being moved. Other than that... favorite daily journey planner ever :)

Hi Sharma!

We are so excited you're enjoying your planner! Thank you so much for your feedback on the dividers. Please know we are aware of the issue and making adjustments to the dividers as we speak!

Excellent Book

So well put together and insightful. A must get!

I Love it!

Everything is done in the best quality and this is so dang cute! Thankyou so much, I love it!